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I’m a Maker and DIYer with a passion for DIY tools and woodworking jigs. I would rather make stuff that I want instead of buying it. You can find here a collection of projects on how to equip your workshop with homemade tools and step-by-step information on how to make these jigs by yourself.

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If you want to know more about the projects or you’re just looking for inspiration on how to build a workshop, watch the videos below where I am showing how to make each of my creations step by step. I hope you will find here a project you like and make a nice addition to your workshop.

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One of these woodworking safety jigs is a table saw featherboard, also known as the fingerboard. The main purpose of a featherboard is to keep the workpiece firmly against a table saw fence and flat to the table.


A router dado jig is one of the most needed jigs for a trim router. The versatility of the tool is fantastic. Not only can you cut dados or rabbets but also cut mortises, and make t-joints or t-tracks. It is a genuine helper in the workshop.


A drill stand for a hand drill, sometimes called a drill press stand, is designed to hold a hand drill in position, ensuring the drilled holes are accurate and precise. The main advantage of a drill stand is to drill a series of uniform perpendicular holes in a workpiece.


A caste joint is a 3-way woodworking joint, very often used when making beds, tables and other furniture. It is not only one of the strongest wood joints, but at the same time gives the joint elegance and makes it stand out aesthetically.


There are many ways how to cut a circle in wood. You can use a jigsaw, a trim router a hole saw or even a table saw. The easiest way to cut out a rough circle shape is to use the tool freehand. But if you want to cut a precise circle the best way is to use the tool in combination with a woodworking jig.


A circular saw straight edge guide is one of the most useful jigs for a circular saw that will help you with your woodworking projects. This DIY circular saw track will definitely come in handy. It is simple to set up, you can large plywood sheets and you can make it for any circular saw.


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