Discover essential tools for your projects & smart ways to build a quality toolkit on a budget.

Hey there! I know a lot of you often wonder about the tools I use for my projects. I get tons of messages and emails asking about my go-to tools, workshop equipment, and other gear. So, I decided to put together a list of all the stuff I use, really like, and also those tools I wish to own in the future. I’ve put everything in one spot, making it easy for you to check it out. I’ll try to keep this list updated, especially when I switch up my tools.

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You don’t need the most expensive tools right off the bat. It’s smart to start with what you can afford and upgrade as you go. That’s exactly what I did. I began with basic tools, learned what works and what doesn’t, and then gradually added better ones to my collection. It’s all about starting small and growing your toolkit as your skills and budget allow.

Remember, we all start somewhere. You don’t need super pricey tools at the start, but you do need good quality ones. And trust me, there’s a big difference between low-end, mid-range, and top-tier tools. If you’re a DIY enthusiast using tools for weekend projects, mid-range power tools are your best bet. They’ll do the job well without breaking the bank.

My advice? Pick a few essential, quality tools at first. Then, as you need more and can afford them, slowly add to your collection. Woodworking can be expensive, so focus on what you’ll actually use and what gives you the best value for money. Buy what you need, when you need it, and always stick to your budget.

As you get more into it, you’ll start looking for ways to work more efficiently. High-end tools aren’t always a must, but they can make your work faster, easier, and safer.

But no matter what tools you choose, safety should be your top priority. Even if you’re eager to jump into a project, remember that safety comes first. Never compromise on protective gear. Make it a habit to use a good dust mask, safety glasses, and hearing protection – these are essentials you’ll use daily.

Below, you’ll find a list of most of my tools and shop accessories. Some of them might be a bit old or discontinued. In such cases, I’ve noted a similar model (marked with an *) that represents either a great alternative or something I’d consider adding to my own collection in the future.

Power tools and accessories can vary significantly based on the brand’s distribution and the market they are intended for. Therefore, when a specific tool is not available in your market, I’ve listed the closest model or a similar tool that I would opt for. This should help you find the best possible alternatives regardless of your location.

How to change a jigsaw blade
I picked up this Bosch jigsaw when I first started setting up my workshop. It's been a solid, dependable tool that's lasted me for years.
Best Table Saws for Beginners - DeWalt DWE7491RS
The DWE7491 was my first table saw. It is perfect for both quick jobs and fine woodworking.

How to Save Money on Tools?

I’ve highlighted three key strategies to help you save money when purchasing tools:

  1. Black Friday: This is one of the prime times to snag tools at significantly reduced prices. You’ll find some of the deepest discounts of the year.

  2. Father’s Day: Many stores offer special deals on tools around this day, making it an excellent time to purchase at more affordable rates.

  3. Amazon Tool Deals: Amazon frequently offers discounts on various tools. I am sharing with you some of these fantastic finds right here. These are the tools I either have or very much would like to get myself.

  4. Amazon Prime Day: Amazon Prime Day is a great time for even more exceptional tool discounts, offering several significant benefits. The discounts on products can be massive and it is well worth taking advantage of this offer. Here are some of the key advantages (there are more):

    • Exclusive Access to Deals: exclusive deals and discounts on woodworking tools and equipment. This is particularly valuable when purchasing more expensive, high-quality gear.
    • Fast, Free Shipping: free two-day shipping on a wide array of tools and materials, ensuring you get what you need for your projects as soon as possible.

        To take advantage of the Prime Day, you must be an Amazon Prime member. Get a FREE trial on Amazon Prime and explore all the benefits: FREE 1-month Amazon Prime Trial. Just try it!


Table Saw – DeWalt DWE7491RS
Jig Saw – Bosch Jigsaw JS572EK
Trim Router – DeWalt Trim Router
Cordless Drill – Makita Cordless Drill

Circular Saw – Makita XSH06Z Circular Saw
Orbital Sander – Makita Random Orbit Sander
Planer – DeWalt DW734
Mini Table Saw – Proxxon Table Saw


Track Saw* – Festool TSC 55
Track Saw* – Makita Plunge Circular Saw
Cordless Drill* – DeWalt 20V MAX Combo Kit
Orbital Sander* – 3M Xtract Electric Sander
Planer* – DeWalt DW735x
Cutterhead for Dewalt Planer 735


Angle Grinder – Makita Angle Grinder
Hammer Drill – Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional
Rotary Hammer Drill – Makita HR2475
Chisel Set – Narex Chisel Set

Glue Gun – Gorilla Glue Gun
Heat Gun – Wagner Heat Gun
Heat Gun* – SEEKONE Heat Gun


Safety Glasses – 3M Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection – 3M Peltor Optime
Dust Mask – RZ Mask M3 Mesh Mask
Dust Respirator – 3M Rugged Reusable Respirator 6503QL
Respirator Cartridge – 3M Cartridge
Respirator Filters – 3M 2091 P100 Particulate Filter
Respirator Filters – 3M 2097 P100
Respirator Filters – Particulate Filters

Push Block – Micro Jig Gripper GR-100
Flat Push Block – Micro Jig Grr-Rip Block
Nitrile Gloves – SAS Safety 66518 Raven
First Aid Kit – First Aid Kit


Hearing Protection* – ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Bluetooth Earplug Headphones
Featherboard* – Bow Products FeatherPRO
Stacked Featherboard* – Bow Products Stacked Featherboard

Shop Accessories

Pocket Hole Jig – Kreg 720 Pro
Pocket Hole Jig* – Howood Pocket Hole Jig
Table Saw Blade – CMT Orange Tool Blades
Table Saw Blade – Freud Blades
Jigsaw Blades – Diablo Jig Saw Blade Set
Jigsaw Blades – Bosch Jigsaw Blade Set
Mechanics Tools Kit – Dewalt Tools Kit
Drilling and Driving Set – Bosch Bit Set
Drilling and Driving Set* – Dewalt Drill Bit Set
Miter Gauge – Precision Woodworking Miter Gauge
MicroJig Matchfit – Matchfit Clamping System
Wood Scraper – Bahco Carbide Scraper
Tape Measure – Milwaukee Tape Measure
Countersink Drill Bit – Irwin Countersink Drill Bit Set
Hardware Assortment Kit – Hardware Assortment Kit

Bench Cookies – Bench Dogs
Bench Cookies – Rockler Bench Cookies
Digital Angle Gauge – GemRed Digital Angle Gauge
Digital Protractor – GemRed Digital Angle Finder
Digital Caliper – Vernier Digital Caliper
Combination Square – Stanley Combination Square
Center Hole Punch – Neiko Center Punch
Silicone Glue Brush – Rockler Silicone Glue Brush
Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape – Kreg Self Adhesive Tape
Grip Tape – Anti Slip Tape
Hole Saw – Wolfcraft Hole Saw Set


Miter Gauge* – JessEm Miter Gauge
MagJig* – MagSwitch MagJig 150
Countersink Drill Bit – Amana Set Countersink drill bit

Supplies for cutting boards

Cutting Board Oil – Clarks Chopping Board Oil
Cutting Board Wax – Cutting Board Wax
Oil Applicator – Oil and Wax Applicator
Cleaning Soap – Cutting Board Organic Soap
Cutting Board Oil – Howards Cutting Board Oil
Mineral Oil – Food Grade Mineral Oil

Bench Cookies – Bench Dog Cookies
Bench Cookies – Kreg Bench Blocks
Bench Cookies – Rockler Bench Cookies
Silicone Glue Brush – Rockler Silicone Glue Brush
Cutting Board Rubber Feet – Cutting Board Bumper Feet

Parallel Clamps – Bessey Parallel Clamps
Juice Groove Bit – Juice Groove Router Bit
Chamfer Bit – Chamfer Router Bit
Straight Router Bit – CMT Straight Bit
Router Flattening Bit – Surface Router Bit
Router Flattening Bit – BINSTAK Surfacing Router Bit


Parallel Clamps – Bessey Parallel Clamps
F-Clamps – Bessey F-Clamp
Mini F-Clamps – Wolfcraft Mini Clamp
Quick Clamps – Wolfcraft Quick Clamps
Quick Clamps – Piher Quick Clamps
Quick Clamps* – Jorgensen One-Hand Clamps

Spring Clamps – Wolfcraft Spring Clamp
Corner Clamp – Wolfcraft Corner Clamp
Guide Rail Clamps – Maxpower Rail Clamp
T-Rail Hold Down Clamps – Powertec Clamps
Strap Clamp – Bessey Angle Strap Clamp
Toggle Clamps – Powertec Quick Release Clamp


Dovetail Clamps* – Micro Jig Dovetail Clamps
Face Clamps* – Kreg Automax
Pocket Hole Clamp* – Monster and Master Pocket Hole Clamp
90-degree Clamp Corner* – Right Angle Corner Clamps

Router Accessories and Bits

Router Bit Set – Bosch Router Bit Set
Forstner Bit Set – Irwin Forstner Bit Set
T-Slot Bit – T-Slot Router Bit
Juice Groove Bit – Juice Groove Router Bit
Chamfer Bit – Chamfer Router Bit

Straight Router Bit – CMT Straight Bit
Straight Router Bit dia 6mm – CMT Straight Bit
Router Flattening Bit – Surface Router Bit
Router Flattening Bit – BINSTAK Surfacing Router Bit


Dovetail Clamp Bit* – Micro Jig Dovetail Bit
Router Bit Set* – CMT Router Bit Set
Router Flattening Bit* – BINSTAK CNC Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit 

Finishes & Adhesives

Wood Glue – Gorilla Waterproof Wood Glue
5 Min Epoxy – Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy
Spray Glue – Gorilla Spray Adhesive
Spray Laquer – Acrylic Spray Paint
Epoxy Resin – Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin
Epoxy Resing Pigment – Non-Toxic Color Pigments

Cutting Board Oil – Clarks Chopping Board Oil
Cutting Board Oil – Howards Cutting Board Oil
Cutting Board Oil – Belinka
Mineral Oil – Food Grade Mineral Oil
Oil Finish – Hopes Pure Tung Oil


Polyurethane* – Varathane Oil Based Polyurethane
Instant Glue* – Titebond Instant Bond


Sanding Discs – Premium Sanding Discs
Sandpaper Sheets – Sandpaper Sheets
Speed Square – Hultafors Triangle
L Angle (Large) – Wolfcraft Universal Square
Japanese Saw – Ryoba Saw
Japanese Saw – Gyokucho Dozuki Saw
Oil Applicator – CLARK’S Food Grade Mineral Oil & Wax Applicators

Woodworking Tape – XFasten Double-Sided Woodworking Tape
Machinist Square – Kinex Machinist Square
Punch Kit – Stanley Punch Kit
Screw in nuts
Cutting Board Rubber Feet – Cutting Board Bumper Feet


Sanding Discs* – 3M Cubitron 3M Xtract Net Disc

Camera, Video and Audio Gear

Video Camera – Nikon D3100
Video Camera – Canon EOS 5D
Tripod – Manfrotto Xtra Aluminum
Tripod* – Concept Camera Tripod

Mini TriPod – Joby GorillaPod
Microphone – Shure VP83F Shotgun
Studio Light – Soft Box

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