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Hello and welcome!

I am Lukas and I am the creator and maker behind AllFlavor Workshop.

I have always enjoyed the process of building and creating something new with my hands and making use of it. Whenever there is something I need / like, I’d rather make it instead of buy it. I don’t have any professional training but I just like the process and enjoy the outcome.

Originally, the name AllFlavor Workshop was a reference to the variety of projects and creations I enjoy making, but soon enough I found my passion in building the tools and jigs that would help me with those creations. 

I have always enjoyed DIY and woodworking, and that led me to make the workshop tools and jigs I wanted and equip my workshop as needed.

Soon after I started with my projects, I started creating videos around it so that I could entertain and pass the information to anybody else who was interested. 

I am currently putting together written tutorials on my website and drawing up plans for each of my projects. I hope you will find here a project you like and get inspired enough to pick up a tool and build it yourself. Check out my projects and see for yourself.

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Lukas AllFlavor Workshop

My Creative Journey

September 2019

Started a Youtube Channel and created my first Youtube video. I was making videos in an old shed.

July 2020

Moved to a Garage Workshop.

May 2021

Started a Website to provide more information on projects I was making, step-by-step tutorials, and plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AllFlavor Workshop and how did you get interested in DIY?

I have always liked and enjoyed working with my hands and building something on my own. I was amazed by all the creations and the craftsmanship by experienced makers.

To learn something new, make things I want, and save money in the longer run. That inspired me to start making things myself and that is also the message I want to pass further on. If you see how things are done, that definitely lowers the barriers to getting started. I want to show you and share that making stuff might not be as difficult as you might have thought initially.

2. Is AllFlavor Workshop your full time job?

It is not, (unfortunately). I have a different full-time job and a family. Currently, AllFlavor Workshop is a side hustle that fits around everything else. Hopefully, one day it turns into a full-time activity.

3. Why don’t you talk in the videos?

I believe that’s the way how I like to create content. I am trying to create videos that are self-explanatory, and understandable on their own. Although I understand it is sometimes not easy to digest everything from a video so additionally, I provide more information about my creations on the website.

4. Would you make something I suggest?

That could work. Suggest and I will take a look at it. I already built a few things in the past based on a suggestion, nevertheless, I usually make things I have a need for or want to have in the workshop.

5. Where can I find the measurements and the plans?

Each post contains the “What you’ll need to build the *** ” section where I am linking all the materials and tools for that specific project. Apart from that my intention is to additionally share plans and a web page listing all the tools and services I am using. 

6. Do you do everything on your own?

Yes, at the moment I am the sole member of AllFlavor Workshop. Every day I am learning something new from woodworking to online marketing and it has been a blast.

7. I like what you do. How can I show my appreciation?

If you like what I am doing, I would be truly grateful if you commented and shared anything on this website. If you would like to directly support my website and my videos, you can get in touch with me and we can figure something out. That is something I would really appreciate and would help me to continue providing free content.

Ready to build your workshop?


As I am mentioning above, I am not an expert. I simply enjoy building my workshop, making new stuff, and sharing what I learn and create with others. I try to provide useful and accurate information on my projects, but I cannot be held liable for how you handle and use that information. Use the information and the procedures provided at your own risk. Take all proper safety precautions when attempting any of my projects.

The articles on this website as well as the videos I make and publish on my social media platforms are not comprehensive tutorials, they don’t provide thorough information and not all of the pertinent details or safety procedures are shown. Always be sure to read, understand and follow the safety instructions that are relevant to the tool or equipment you will be using

Power tools are really dangerous. I am not responsible for any injuries incurred while attempting any of my projects. Be careful, stay safe, and take all necessary safety precautions.

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