circular saw guide

3 DIY Circular Saw Guides You Will Ever Need

How to make a circular saw straight edge guide for long precise cuts and crosscuts. DIY Circular saw guide.
If you are building a workshop there is no need to spend a lot of money on equipment, instead, you can build a lot of the gear yourself, like these 3 DIY Circular Saw Guides. There is a ton of projects you can make with these saw guides, they are easy to make and will help you so much in the workshop.
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How to Make a Circular Saw Guide and Crosscut Jig

Circular Saw Guide and Crosscut Jig Guide for long straight and perpendicular cuts
A circular saw guide is one of the most useful woodworking jigs for your workshop. This saw guide will not only help you with straight cuts but crosscuts as well. Learn how to make a circular saw guide DIY with step by step tutorial and video.
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