Micro Jig Grr-Ripper Review 2024: The Best Push Block?

Micro Jig Grr-Ripper Review: Is It the Best Push Block for a Table Saw? Let's explore its advantages and see how it compares to an ordinary push stick.

In any workshop, Table Saws, Band Saws, and Router Tables stand out as potentially risky power tools. Over the years, many of these tools have undergone improvements and now come equipped with great safety features, significantly enhancing work safety. Still, some tool types remain less equipped in this regard, and the human factor adds to the equation. To enhance safety, adding additional precautions such as push sticks or push pads can be extremely valuable.

This is where the Micro Jig Grr-Ripper push block steps in. I’ve personally relied on the Grr-Ripper for quite some time, and I must say, it stands out as the top-notch push block available in the market. Now, what does it make so exceptional? There are numerous reasons why, and I will be discussing those more in detail in this article, but to put it simply – it works, you feel safe and your hands are much safer. 

Grr-Ripper push block
Intricate cuts with the Grr-Ripper push block

In this blog post, dedicated to the Micro Jig Grr-Ripper review, I want to share my experience with the tool, providing you with an in-depth review of its features, performance, and the benefits it brings to the table. The Grr-Ripper has become an essential accessory in my workshop and I can’t picture working on the table saw without it. So, let’s take a closer look at this incredible push block together.

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Protects hands and prevents kickback like never before

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What is Micro Jig Grr-Ripper Push Block?

The Micro Jig Grr-Ripper is a safety accessory intended for woodworking tools like table saws, routers, and jointers. It functions as a precise push block, helping you direct and manage materials while maintaining a secure distance from sharp blades. This tool is an ideal fit for woodworkers, DIY enthusiasts, and hobbyists who value safety and accuracy for their projects.

The Grr-Ripper’s design includes ergonomic handles, adjustable components, and nonslip bottom grips, all of which work together to ensure your hands remain protected during cuts. It is one of the must-have safety accessories that minimizes the risk of accidents and enhances your confidence while working with potentially dangerous power tools. This is particularly relevant for newcomers to woodworking. When you’re starting safety is the top priority.

Top Benefits of MicroJig Grr-Ripper

With the Micro Jig Grr-Ripper, you get three powerful forces – downward, inward, and forward – to provide accuracy, control, and safety.

  • Safety and Kickback Prevention: The Grr-Ripper exerts downward force, firmly controlling the workpiece and off-cut, significantly reducing the risk of kickback. This added stability prevents the material from lifting off the table.
  • Fence Guiding: By applying inward pressure, the Grr-Ripper keeps the stock securely against the fence, guiding it smoothly and preventing it from catching on rear-rising teeth. This results in cleaner, safer, and more precise cuts.
  • Controlled Feed: The tool’s design and non-slip bottom material enables it to control and feed both sides of the stock, maintaining a balanced and steady movement. 
  • Long Rip Cuts: It proves invaluable for ripping long pieces of wood, ensuring a consistent feed throughout the cut.
  • Difficult Cuts: It handles intricate cuts like bevel cuts, cutting thin strips of wood, dowel cuts, and very small wood pieces with ease.
  • Versatility: The Grr-Ripper can be used for various tasks such as stock feeding, freehand routing, or face jointing.

About the MicorJig Brand

MicroJig is a well-known brand that focuses on making woodworking safer and easier. They create smart tools and accessories for people who work with wood.

Their products, like the Grr-Ripper, help you do your workshop projects more accurately and with less risk. The Grr-Ripper, for example, was invented by a woodworker (Henry Wang) who wanted to find a better way to do things safely. MicroJig is popular among both newcomers and skilled woodworkers, as well as DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists, because they make tools that make the whole process better.

Grr-Ripper 3D Table Saw Pushblock Parameters

Find the basic technical details of the Grr-Ripper 3d push block and explore its key parameters.

BrandMicro Jig
Cutting Range1/4 to 5 Inches (5 1/4 Inches with blade under Grr-ripper)
Dimensions (Length x Height)7 x 4.5 x 4.5 Inches
Weight1.8 lbs
Designed to CutThin Strips, Small Parts, Bevel Cuts, Dowel Cuts
Compatible ToolsTable Saws, Router Tables, Band Saws, Jointers

Best Features of Micro Jig Grr-Ripper

The Grr-Ripper introduces safety enhancements, making it a stand-out push block. 

1. Handle and anti-slip rubber feet: Its heavy-duty adjustable handle allows forward and inward pressure towards the rip fence, while the green grr-rip material on the bottom of the push block legs (with widths of approximately 1/2″, 1″, and 1/4″, plus an optional 1/8″ leg for thin strips) offers superior grip, even on rougher lumber.

grr ripper push block
grr ripper 3d pushblock
Anti-slip rubber feet

2. Core design: The push block features a blade tunnel between two legs, ensuring optimal control. It features a customizable spacer that avoids the saw blade during rip cuts and ensures safe cutting of narrow pieces, by providing even pressure on both sides. It accommodates thin strips down to 1/4″ and even thinner with the optional 1/8″ leg. What I appreciate is the support and control of both ‘keeper’ and ‘waste’ boards, preventing uneven cutting and blade obstruction. 

Intricate cuts on table saw
gripper push block review
Cutting very thin strips

3. Stabilizing platform: One of the amazing standout features is the stabilizing platform, which ensures steady downward and forward pressure without slipping or rocking. The adjustable thumb screws allow the stabilizer to accommodate various board thicknesses. You can precisely cut both very narrow and thin wood pieces as well as thick ones at the angle you desire. The stabilizing platform significantly elevates its performance, making it a great tool for woodworking safety and accuracy.

microjig gripper review

Micro Jig Grr-Ripper Models

When it comes to the Micro Jig GRR-Ripper, you have two models to choose from: the Grr-Ripper GR-100 basic model and the Grr-Ripper GR-200 advanced model. Let’s take a look at these two options in more detail.

  • The GR-100 offers you a comprehensive package for secure woodworking. It includes the main body, a 1/2-inch leg, a 1/4-inch leg, and an adjustable center leg. It also comes with a heavy-duty handle and a balance support bracket. Everything you need for your projects.
  • The GR-200 shares all the features of the GR-100 but with some valuable additions. It comes with an extra stabilizing plate, providing an extended stabilization surface. The stabilization plate acts as a feather board that also guides the bottom of your workpiece against the fence. Additionally, the adjustable spacer in the GR-200 offers more gripping area, which is particularly useful when working with larger pieces of wood.

The best part is, these items are available separately. So, if you already own the GR-100 basic model, you can easily upgrade by getting the stabilizing plate and the spacer without having to invest in the entire GR-200 package.

Using the MicroJig Grr-Ripper

When you start using the Grr-Ripper, you will quickly understand why I consider it the top push block on the market. Setting up, adjusting, and using the tool is so simple. It takes just a few seconds between cuts. Depending on the size of the workpiece you adjust the center leg and side support bracket and you are ready to go.

While a push block or push stick might not show much difference when working with wider wood, the Grr-Ripper truly shines with small or irregular pieces and challenging cuts like bevels. The Grr-Ripper offers great control over the workpiece. The downward, inward, and forward pressure together with the anti-slip bottom grip keeps the workpiece in place all the time. You can securely push the workpiece through the table saw blade without worrying about your fingers. Plus, the additional accessories make the work even safer.

T Tracks on Table Saw
Make T Tracks on Table Saw
Cutting T tracks with a push block

Cutting T-tracks on a table saw or a router table without using a push block would be almost impossible. Your hands would be too close to the blade and you wouldn’t feel safe at all. The Grr-Ripper eliminates that and the constant downward pressure eliminates any wobble resulting in nice and clean cuts.

The same applies to cutting thin wood strips. The center leg together with the balance support makes it very simple to cut narrow pieces of wood. The Grr-Ripper holds both the “keeper” and “waste” pieces securely in place until the cut is finished.

Grr-Ripper Addons

MicroJig offers additional accessories you can use together with any Grr-Ripper push block. 

  • GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Kit – attachment designed to enhance your safety. It provides additional downward pressure on the workpiece, ensuring a more stable and controlled cutting experience. This added pressure prevents lifting and reduces the chances of kickback and blowout.
  • GRR-RIPPER Handle Bridge Kit – an accessory that enhances the ergonomic design of your Grr-Ripper. It offers an extended handle grip, allowing for improved control and comfort during cuts. With this kit, you can achieve a more natural hand position.
  • MicroJig Deflector/Connector – an accessory that serves two functions. As a deflector, it redirects debris away from you and your workspace. As a connector, it allows you to join two GRR-RIPPERs together, enabling you to work with larger or longer materials more effectively.

GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Kit

MicroJig Deflector/Connector

Micro Jig Grr-Ripper Review Conclusion: Should you buy it?

If you are starting with woodworking the Grr-Ripper is a must-have tool. If you think you don’t need it because you plan to use your table saw only once in a while, then reconsider. It is so much safer than a conventional push stick and so much easier to use. Typically, when you’re starting you use a push stick and a feather board, but the Grr-Ripper not only combines these two jigs but offers so much more.

A good table saw or a router table costs at least a few hundred dollars. Don’t save on an ordinary push stick and get the Grr-Ripper, it is worth the extra cost. I’ve been using the Grr-Ripper for some time now and what I like about it is how well thought each of the components is. The Grr-Ripper is the best push block and I recommend you get it for sure.

The GR-100 model is fully sufficient, although for optimal performance I would recommend getting 2 of them. When you are ripping long pieces of wood, one is not enough and you need 2 to constantly and steadily push the wood through the saw. But if you would like to get the Grr-Ripper and all the accessories together, you can get the Complete 3D Pushblock System that contains everything included.

Protects hands and prevents kickback like never before

What are the Alternatives to Microjig Grr-Ripper?

There are a few alternatives to the MicroJig Grr-Ripper. These alternatives may have fewer features and limited adjustability compared to the Grr-Ripper. Generally, these options are more budget-friendly but they do work and get the job done. The Milescraft and The Powertec are two good options for beginners who don’t want to commit to the Grr-Ripper yet. While these alternatives may not match the Grr-Ripper’s full range of features, they can serve as reliable tools to help you with your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a push block and a push stick?

A push block is wider and offers more control compared to a push stick, which is narrower, making it easier to guide the material and maintain stability during cuts.

What is better a push block or a push stick?

A push block is generally better due to its enhanced control and safety features, allowing you to securely guide the workpiece and reduce the risk of accidents while operating power tools.

Do I need a push block?

You don’t necessarily need a push block, but using one makes your work safer and more convenient, providing added stability and reducing the chances of kickback.

Is a push block safer than a push stick?

Yes, a push block is safer than a push stick as it provides better control and offers additional safety features, such as adjustable handles and stabilizing components, ensuring your hands are at a safer distance from the cutting area and reducing the potential for accidents.

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