The 5 Best Jigsaw Blades for Plywood in 2024 (Reviewed)

Looking for the best jigsaw blade for plywood? Discover top picks for both plywood and hardwood. Ensure precise, smooth cuts for both straight and curved cuts every time.

Starting your journey in woodworking, you’ll quickly realize the importance of a jigsaw. It’s the tool you reach for when you need precision cuts, both straight and curved. However, the true effectiveness of a jigsaw lies in the quality of its blade.

There is a variety of different types of blades to choose from, especially when you’re aiming to work with plywood. The market is filled with numerous sets, each claiming to be ideal for specific tasks. The real question is – which is the best jigsaw blade for plywood, especially when every project has its unique requirements?

When looking for the best jigsaw blades for plywood, you should consider:

  • What is the type of plywood I am working with?
  • What is the thickness of the plywood board?
  • What specific cuts and finishes am I aiming for?
  • How durable is the blade, and how often will I need to replace it?

Opting for the cheapest set of blades might seem tempting, but that might not serve you well in the long run. In woodworking, quality often outweighs the cost. Investing in a good blade ensures cleaner cuts and a longer tool lifespan.

By the end of this guide, you’ll gain clarity on which jig saw blade suits your needs best for plywood tasks. These are my top choices, so let’s take a look at their features and benefits in more detail.

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What I Look For in a Jigsaw Blade for Plywood

Type of Material What is the blade made of? Are these bi-metal blades, HCS, or HSS? 
Type of Use Is the blade intended for rough cuts or fine finishes? Can it manage intricate designs or just straight lines? What materials is the blade best suited for? Which one to use for hardwood and softwood?
Kerf What's the thickness of the cut the blade produces? Does it remove a lot of material or offer a thin, clean cut?
TPI (Tooth Per Inch) How many teeth does the blade have per inch? Does a higher or lower TPI blade benefit the task at hand?
Tooth Alignment Are the teeth set in a specific alignment for clean or fast cuts? How does their pattern affect the finish?
Shank What type of shank does the blade have? Do you have a t-shank jigsaw?

The Best Jigsaw Blade for Plywood Overview

For those just starting out, all of these are perfect jigsaw blades for plywood. Personally, I’ve been using the Bosch and the DeWalt Jigsaw blades, and they have been performing fantastically. However, any of the other choices won’t let you down either:

  1. Best Overall – DEWALT DW3742C 14pc T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set
  2. Best Quality – Diablo DJT20S 20pc T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set
  3. Best Value – BOSCH T101AO3 T-Shank Jig Saw Blades
  4. Best Bundle – BOSCH T5002 T-Shank Multi-Purpose Jig Saw Blade Set
  5. Best Budget – MRCGTCE 50 Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set

Let’s take a look at the specific models and packages more in detail.

The Best Jigsaw Blades for Cutting Plywood Comparison

Jigsaw Blade Package Material Shank Type of Cuts Good For Blades in Package Blade Length
DEWALT DW3742C 14pc HCS, Bi-Metal T- Shank Straight, Curved wood, plywood, laminate, metal 12 Blades - 6, 10, 12, 18, 32 Teeth  4, 3-1/2, 3 Inch
Diablo DJT20S Bi-Metal, HCS, HSS T- Shank Straight, Curved wood, nail-embedded wood, metal, plastics, soft woods, metal 20 Blades 4-5/8 Inch
BOSCH T101AO3 HCS T- Shank Curved, Circle hard & soft wood, laminated particleboard, plywood, plastics 3 Blades (20 TPI) 3-1/4 Inches
BOSCH T5002 HCS, HSS T- Shank Straight, Curved wood, thick and thin metals 10 Blades 4, 3-1/4, 3-5/8, Inches
MRCGTCE 50pc HCS, HSS T- Shank Straight, Curved wood, plastics, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), glassfiber 50 Blades (6 - 21TPI) 3, 4 Inches

What is The Best Jigsaw Blade for Plywood?

These are my top picks for the best jigsaw blades and jigsaw blade sets to cut plywood.

1. DEWALT DW3742C 14pc T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set


Material: HCS, Bi-Metal
Good For: wood, laminate, and metal
Blade Size: 3 inches up to 4 inches

  • Fits 90% of modern jigsaws
  • Blades for wood, metal, and laminate
  • Durable T-shank design
  • Clear 2-sided storage case
  • Some blades wear out quickly
  • The case lacks a hanging option

Why I Picked It

The DEWALT DW3742C 14pc T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set is a compact yet comprehensive collection that fits most modern jigsaws. With its versatile assortment, you’ll find blades suitable for fast, clean, and scrolling cuts across materials like wood, laminate, and metal.

The T-shank design ensures a snug fit, and easy change, and minimizes blade breakage. The blades are compatible with both Bosch and Dewalt jigsaws. Additionally, they come with a color-coding system: green signifies wood while yellow indicates metal, making it easy to pinpoint the blade’s intended material.

DEWALT has incorporated both HCS for wood and laminate cuts and Bi-Metal for metal cuts, ensuring durability and precision. The set also comes with a clear, 2-sided case, making it easy to organize, view, and transport your blades.

T-shank design fits all Bosch and DEWALT jig saws

My experience with this DEWALT jigsaw blade set has been really positive. The set offers blades for straight and curved cuts, and the diversity in blade styles allows one to handle various tasks. I particularly appreciate how the blades maintain their sharpness over time, delivering consistent cuts every time.

The blades last and they do what they are supposed to. I’ve used them on multiple projects and they perform great. The cuts are clean, sharp, and free of rough edges. The included case is a huge plus. The blades are nicely organized and I spend less time searching for the right blade and more time getting the job done.

2. Diablo DJT20S 20pc T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set


Material: Bi-Metal, HCS, HSS
Good For: wood, nail-embedded wood, metal, plastics, softwoods, metal
Blade Size: 4-5/8 Inches

  • Versatile blade materials for different tasks
  • Extended cutting life
  • Enhanced blade design
  • Suits both corded and cordless saws
  • Affordably priced
  • No storage case included

Why I Picked It

The Diablo DJT20S T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set is a real workhorse, both versatile and long-lasting. This 20-piece kit has blades perfect for cutting wood, plastic, or metal. Its T-shank design means you can switch blades out in no time, keeping your work flowing. Diablo really stepped up with the materials too – there’s Bi-metal for hardwoods, HCS for softer woods, and HSS for metals. This mix means cleaner cuts, fewer snapped blades, and a longer life for each blade.

Getting into the details, this set has a bunch of different blade sizes and types. You’ve got everything from the DJT308BFP 4-5/8 inch 13 TPI to the DJT345XF 5-1/4-inch 5/10 TPI, so you can make really fine cuts or more general ones on hardwood and metal.

With all these blade options, doing stuff like reverse cutting, making curve cuts, or getting a smooth finish is pretty easy. The only downside? There’s no case to keep these blades in.

T-shank design fits all combo and most U-shank jig saws

Getting the Diablo DJT20S Jigsaw Blades? Well, they will make your work smoother and last longer. They cut fast and accurately, whether it’s wood or metal. The great benefit is that you won’t need to replace them often and with so many blade choices, you can take on different jobs easily. In short, this set has got you covered for almost any type of cut and material.

3. BOSCH T101AO3 T-Shank Jig Saw Blades


Material: HCS Blade
Good For: hard & soft wood, laminated particleboard, plywood, plastics
Blade Size: 3-1/4 Inches

  • Ideal for clean, curved cuts
  • High TPI ensures smooth edges
  • Suitable for various materials
  • High-carbon steel ensures longevity
  • Easy blade change with T-shank design
  • Not best for straight, high-speed cuts
  • Might wear quicker with harder materials

Why I Picked It

The BOSCH T101AO3 T-Shank Jigsaw Blades have truly revolutionized woodworking for many. Offering an ideal balance between versatility and quality, this set comes with three blades, perfect for tasks that require precision. It’s optimized for clean, splinter-free cuts on both sides, making it a favorite for projects involving plywood, laminates, and even MDF. Plus, with its T-shank design, changing blades has never been easier.

Made from high-carbon steel, these blades are built to last, ensuring users get value for money. They’re designed primarily for intricate cuts in softwood, hardwood, and laminates. Each blade measures 3-1/4 inches with a 20 TPI tooth profile, ensuring every cut is smooth with minimal tear-out. And for those concerned about storage, the blades come with a reusable plastic case, ensuring they remain in top condition.

High carbon steel construction for long life in wood materials

Having used these blades for years, I’ve consistently achieved excellent results, especially on plywood. What I truly value about these blades is the consistency in clean cuts. These blades have been solid for all my woodworking jobs.

They nail both the detailed and tricky shapes without a hitch. Honestly, if you want good blades that do the job right, these are the ones to grab. I’ve been using them, especially for cutting circles in wood, and they haven’t let me down.

4. BOSCH T5002 T-Shank Multi-Purpose Jig Saw Blade Set


Material: HCS, HSS
Good For: Wood, Thick and Thin Metals
Blade Size: 4, 3-1/4, 3-5/8, Inches

  • High-carbon steel T-shark design
  • 6 to 24 TPI range for versatility
  • Fits most jigsaws (90% compatibility)
  • Durable blades for both wood and metal
  • Comes with a sturdy plastic storage case
  • Limited to 10 blade pieces

Why I Picked It

BOSCH has always been a brand I rely on for quality, and this T5002 T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set doesn’t disappoint. It comes with 10 handy blades, so it’s got you covered for most jobs. Whether it’s wood or metal, these blades can handle it.

The T-shark design, unique to BOSCH, ensures a snug fit in almost every jigsaw out there, promising hassle-free blade changes without needing extra tools. Each blade is made well, with some, especially for wood like the T101AO or T101B and others for metal like T118A.

Blades for general-purpose wood cutting, and varied thicknesses of metal and plastics.

Having used these blades for a few projects now, I genuinely appreciate their versatility. The clean and smooth cuts on the wood are noticeable, especially when working on intricate designs. Also, the blade’s compatibility with almost every jigsaw I’ve tried is incredibly convenient. No more searching endlessly for the right blade or taking extra trips to the tool store.

If you’re hunting for a solid and dependable set of jigsaw blades, consider giving the BOSCH T5002 a shot. I’ve been relying on these blades for years, and they’ve consistently delivered excellent results.

5. MRCGTCE 50 Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set


Material: HCS, HSS
Good For: wood, plastics, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), glassfiber
Blade Size: 3, 4 Inches

  • Wide selection for multiple applications
  • Made of durable HSS and HCS
  • Fits most jigsaws with a T-shank design
  • Exceptional value for the price
  • Some compatibility issues noted
  • The included case is of lesser quality

Why I Picked It

The MRCGTCE 50 Piece Contractor Jigsaw Blades Set is a standout in its class, offering a robust collection of blades for various tasks. Its unique offering of 50 blades ensures you’re equipped for almost any project, from cutting hardwood, softwood, and plastics to laminated boards.

The selection covers straight, curved, and even reverse cuts. This set’s versatility is further enhanced by the range of T-shank blades, from 6 to 21 TPI, available in 3 and 4-inch lengths, ensuring optimal cutting experience for diverse materials like plywood, metal, and composites.

Blades for general-purpose wood cutting, and varied thicknesses of metal and plastics.

A lot of woodworkers like the MRCGTCE jigsaw blade set for their cutting jobs. It gives you a lot for your money and doesn’t cut corners on quality. With so many blades in the set, you’re pretty much covered for any project. Plus, the extra 10 back-cutting blades are super handy for stuff like laminates. If you’re watching your wallet but still want solid blades, this set is a go-to for many.

Wrap Up

To wrap up, after spending hours with various jigsaw blades cutting plywood, I’ve found two that I keep coming back to: the DEWALT DW3742C 14pc T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set and the BOSCH T101AO3 T-Shank Jig Saw Blades. They’ve really improved my woodworking work. But truth be told, you really can’t go wrong with any of these options. All of them will serve you well.

The DEWALT set has a blade for just about everything, making sure I’m always prepared for any task. Its durability and wide range have been a huge help, sparing me from the hassle of always needing to change blades or buy new ones.

When it comes to making detailed cuts and cutting circles in plywood, the BOSCH T101AO3 blade is the one I reach for. It ensures that my cuts are clean and free from splinters, which not only looks better but also saves me a lot of time and material.

T-shank design fits all Bosch and DEWALT jig saws

What to Consider When Choosing a Blade for Plywood?

When looking for a jigsaw blade to cut plywood, it’s important to understand the key factors before making a purchase. Evaluating your project needs or usage will guide you in selecting the right jigsaw blade that perfectly suits your tasks.

What is the best jigsaw blade for plywood?

For cutting plywood, carbide-tipped jigsaw blades are top-notch due to their long-lasting nature and neat finishes. A blade with 20-30 TPI is ideal, offering a mix of fast cutting and smooth results. The best blades have Ground teeth for precision and Reverse teeth to stop the top from chipping. Lastly, aim for a blade angle between 5 and 20 degrees for efficient, snag-free cuts.


The material of the jigsaw blade determines its cutting capability and durability. Selecting the right blade material ensures a smooth operation and extends blade life. Typically, jigsaw blades are made of steel, but depending on their use you can find different materials.

  • HCS (High Carbon Steel): Flexible blades suitable for cutting softer materials like wood and plastic.
  • HSS (High-Speed Steel): Harder than HCS, suitable for harder materials. Great for cutting metal but can also be used to cut wood.
  • Carbide-tipped: Extremely hard, these blades remain sharp for a long time and can cut through tough materials.
  • Bi-metal: Combines HCS and HSS to offer a flexible blade that can handle hard materials.

For cutting plywood, bi-metal and HCS blades often strike a good balance of flexibility and durability, but carbide-tipped blades remain a top choice for their longevity and clean cuts.

How to replace a jigsaw blade

TPI (Tooth Per Inch)

The TPI (number of teeth per inch) plays an important role in determining the quality and type of cut. A higher or lower TPI can significantly impact the outcome.

Low TPI Blades:

  • Suitable for fast, rough cuts in softer materials.
  • They remove material quickly, but the result might be less clean and more jagged.

High TPI Blades:

  • Ideal for slow, precise cuts, especially in harder materials.
  • They provide a smoother finish but might take more time to cut through the material.

For plywood, it’s recommended to use a blade with at least 20 TPI for a cleaner finish. Blades in the range of 20-30 TPI strike the ideal balance between speed and smoothness, making them excellent for plywood.

Tooth Alignment

Understanding the distinctions between teeth types can lead you to the optimal blade for your unique projects. The tooth alignment signifies the direction in which the teeth are oriented.

  • Reverse Teeth: These are oriented in the opposite direction of regular teeth. Ideal for cutting materials like laminates or veneers without chipping the top surface.
  • Ground Teeth: They offer a sharp, fine edge, and are precision-ground for clean, smooth cuts. Suitable for hardwoods, softwoods, and plywood.
  • Set Teeth: These teeth are bent alternately to the left and right, providing a wider cut useful for faster, rougher cuts. The blades cut quickly, but the edges are more jagged.

For cutting plywood with a jigsaw, Ground and Reverse teeth are the preferred options. While Ground teeth ensure a smooth and precise cut, Reverse-tooth blades prevent the upper surface from chipping.

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Blade Hook

The hook angle of a jigsaw blade impacts how aggressively it cuts into the material. By discerning the right angle, you can optimize both cut speed and finish.

  • Positive Hook: The teeth are angled forward, cutting aggressively into the material. Ideal for faster cuts and helps prevent the blade from binding in dense materials.
  • Negative Hook: The teeth are angled backward, resulting in a slower, more controlled cut. Suitable for fragile materials where a delicate touch is necessary.

A blade with a positive hook angle, typically between 5 and 20 degrees, is recommended for cutting through plywood. This ensures an efficient cut while preventing the blade from binding.

Blade Width

The width of a jigsaw blade greatly influences the kind of cuts it’s best suited for. Straight cuts and circular cuts require different blades.

  • Wide Blades: These are primarily designed for straight cuts. Their increased width provides stability, reducing the chances of the blade bending, thus ensuring a straighter cut.
  • Thin Blades: Best suited for detailed circle cuts or intricate curves, their slender design allows for greater maneuverability around tight corners.
Jigsaw blades for straight cuts
Jigsaw blades for straight cuts in plywood

Depth of Cut

The depth a jigsaw blade can cut depends on the material. Hardwoods and some metals can be tougher to cut through. Most jigsaw blades can handle cuts up to 1-1/2” deep. For plywood, pick a blade that matches its thickness. This way, the blade goes through smoothly without any issues from the saw’s base. Usually, a 3 to 4-inch blade works well for plywood.


The jigsaw shank is the part of the blade that connects to the jigsaw itself. There are primarily two common types:

  • T-Shank Blades: These are more widely accepted among newer jigsaw models and are known for their quick-change capabilities.
  • U-Shank Blades: Less popular than T-shank blades, they might require tools to change but can still be found in some older jigsaw models.

Picking the right blade means checking its shank type matches your jigsaw. This ensures a snug fit and smooth cutting. Always double-check before making a purchase to avoid any hassles.

How to put a blade in a jigsaw

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got you covered with all the essential info – check out the FAQs below to clear any doubts.

Can I cut plywood with a jigsaw?

Absolutely! A jigsaw is versatile and can easily handle plywood cutting tasks. It’s especially useful for complex shapes and tight corners.

What is a scrolling jigsaw blade?

A scrolling jigsaw blade is thin and designed for making intricate curved cuts with precision. They’re great for detailed work like patterns or tight corners.

Is it better to use a jigsaw or table saw to cut plywood?

For straight cuts, a table saw is ideal. But for curves and detailed cuts, a jigsaw shines. Remember, each tool has its specialty and application.

How to make straight cuts with a jigsaw?

For straight cuts, use a guide or straight edge alongside your jigsaw, ensuring the blade follows it closely. This method helps in achieving clean and straight cuts efficiently.

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